Annual Handcrafted Christmas Ornament

Heritage Park Museum of East Texas

ehp-festival-2016-ornament-fb-profile-picPrior to its home on the grounds of The Heritage Park Museum of East Texas, family-owned Gilliam Grocery had been a significant gathering place in Fruitvale Texas located on Highway 80 since the 1920’s.  You could find many of the locals huddled around the old wood stove “bumping gums” on a cold, rainy day or gathered around the battery operated radio listening to the game during baseball season.

Commonly called, Gilliam Station, the roadside grocery pumped thousands of gallons of Gulf gasoline, sold from hand operated pumps.  In addition to gas and groceries, one could purchase feed for chickens, candy, salt pork, as well as fresh fruit from the local orchards.

The original 1920’s wood frame structure burned and was rebuilt in 1936 and continued to operate at its original location until 1965.

This year’s ornament is a five-inch replica of the Gilliam’s Station and is the twelfth ornament in a series of the historic buildings in Heritage Park Museum of East Texas. The ornament, which can be personalized with up to six names, is designed and crafted by members of the Edgewood Historical Society. The cost of $13.00 is used to help defray some of the costs for the development and maintenance of the park.  You may pick-up your pre-ordered ornament on the day of the festival, Saturday, November 12, 2016.  If you prefer to have it mailed, please add $5.00 to your total for each ornament ordered.

Please click here to download the order form for your 2016 Edgewood Heritage Festival Handcrafted Christmas Ornament.

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