Pinto Bean Cook-off

34th Annual Pinto Bean Cook-off
November 11, 2017

Join the fun and enter your “best ever” home cooked pot of pinto beans in the 34th Annual Pinto Bean Cook-off!

Previous Pinto Bean Cook-off Winner and Judges

The only requirements are to cook one pound of pintos and bake one pone of cornbread.  Beans should be in a crock pot and delivered to the “Bean Tent” no later than 10am on the day of the festival.


November 11, 2017
8am – 10am
Judging begins at 10am


The “Bean Tent” on Elm Street


Prove who cooks the best beans in Van Zandt County


Bring cooked beans in crock pot with pone of cornbread to “Bean Tent” no later than 10am.


First:     $50.00
Second: $30.00
Third:     $20.00


Cook-Off Contact:
B.J. Pendleton