Artisan Demonstrations

 There will be new and returning artisans demonstrating and exhibiting in the Log Cabin Village…many will have their wonderful crafts for sale!

 Swirl elements and monograms for design and decorateWe are pleased to have CJ Solberg, a remarkable woodcarver!  She enjoys carving caricatures and studying the faces her figures are modeled after.  CJ has have won the Texas Woodcarvers Guild Whittling Contest in the Novice and Intermediate levels.    In addition to craft fairs, CJ’s artistry can be found online in her Etsy shop.

Stop in the village where you can watch CJ at her craft.

Solberg, CJ - Wood Carver1

Swirl elements and monograms for design and decorateToni Smith will be returning this year with her gorgeous pine needle baskets.  Join Toni as she weaves those pine needles into some of the most fantastic baskets!

IMG00323-20120327-1539 edited2  Swirl elements and monograms for design and decorateThe Free State Master Gardner Association (FSMG) supports Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service for Van Zandt County by distributing horticultural information to individuals and groups in the community.

Stop by and learn how to set up your very own Earthworm Farm with Lou Ellen Bliss and Donna Burcham. If water conservation is a concern for you, stop in to visit with John Womack and Sandra Rosen. We all know Jim Latham is the bees knees, add Nancy Szabo in the “hive” and you get an outstanding show and tell about the live honey bees in an observation hive they will have on display.

Lou Ellen Bliss and Donna Burcham

Swirl elements and monograms for design and decorate  We are very lucky to have Oscar return this year and demonstrate how the old printing press is run.

Oscar Rodgers…the only one who knows how to run our printing press!

Swirl elements and monograms for design and decorate

Returning this year are our favorite blacksmiths.  These guys are always very entertaining and informative!


If you or you know someone who would like to demonstrate and talk to people about their handmade crafts, please contact Laurie McDonald at 214-235-7200.  Demonstrators can set up and sell their handmade items without paying a vendor space fee.  Demonstrators are asked to dress in period costume and cover their tables (no plastic or metal legs showing please).