Heritage Park Museum Tours

Come spend a day touring our “Turn of the Century” Village!

Founded in 1976 as a bicentennial ongoing project that is owned and operated by the Edgewood Historical Society. Edgewood Heritage Park encompasses twenty-one restored and furnished structures representing rural life in 1900 Van Zandt County. The outdoor museum preserves the rural culture and architectural heritage for present and future generations. It encompasses authentically restored and furnished structures representing rural life in East Texas circa 1900 and is situated on 17 lots in the center of Edgewood (on US Hwy 80 — 50 miles east of Dallas.)

The mission of Edgewood Heritage Park Museum is to collect, preserve and teach the rural culture of East Texas.  Located on several blocks in downtown Edgewood, the park uses its preserved  historic buildings to ensure present and future generations an opportunity to study and celebrate their heritage through the authentic architectural exhibits.  The park as a whole is the destination of tourists in search of an historical attraction void of the hustle and bustle associated with the metropolitan areas.

Educational programs are offered to schools with the emphasis on the third and fourth grades. During the tours, students experience activities of yesteryear through demonstrations by costumed and trained docents. The film industry has chosen this quiet, rural village as the setting for scenes in several television productions.

The Church in the Wildwood and grounds are popular sites for weddings and community events.  Call our office, 903-896-1940, and schedule a time to see the possibilities for your wedding photographs and ceremonies.

Turn of the century buildings, such as the “Tomcat” Cafe, the Edgewood Band Stand, Gilliam’s Gas Station, a country store, barber shop and print shop help visitors experience a taste of what life was like back then.

Barber Shop General Store Tom's Cafe
Gillam Gas & Grocery

Other buildings built in the late 1800’s include the Church in the Wildwood, a dogtrot cabin and two-room pioneer cabin. The Blacksmith Shop, the Heritage Center and the Carriage House exhibit collections of vintage tools and memorabilia.

The Carriage House

The Log Barn

Spradlin Cabin

Spradlin Cabin (back view)

Church In The Wildwood

The Scott Cabin

The Schoolhouse

School tours are a highlight here at the Edgewood Heritage Park Museum.  Call our office to schedule a tour for your school.  903-896-1940